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Finally we are away

As some of you guys may know by now we have finally set off this morning heading towards the highlands of Scotland on our latest fishing adventure, it's been great to catch up again with all the old crew because we don't really get to see each other as much as we did when we first got together, since kids, marriage and stressful jobs have got in the way it's nice to have some time just to relax and take enjoyment in a hobby we all used to enjoy.


We have been planning this trip for some time now, one thing no one tells you about getting older is just how difficult it is to get everyone on the same schedule, we had numerous issues all getting time off at the same time because of various work commitments but we finally managed to get ourselves to commit, we then told the wives what the plan was and started to look for transport to rent and a place to stay.


In our prep work we discovered it was going to be much cheaper for us to hire a huge van than to take our own transport and this way we could all get to talk to each other and catch up on life before we met up, our accommodation is pretty good, we booked a really large log cabin to stay in, there's a short drive down to the local shops and it's right near a good local fishing spot we picked out so not much in the way of walking to be done since we'll have most of our gear with us.


We shopped online before we went and upgraded to some new rods, got them off for a pretty decent discount, bought some none fishing stuff off Amazon because that's often the best site for the selection and the delivery is fast since it was kind of last minute when we ordered.


The last thing we needed was some food so we stopped by the local supermarket and really stocked up, basically an endless amount of food so that we would never go hungry, we also bought up a lot of nice drink to go along with our food gluttony and topped up the van with petrol so we didn't end up breaking down and calling the AA for roadside assistance like last time.


We will update you guys soon on our results but one thing for sure it's certainly going to be a heavy trip in terms of sheer food quantity and beer, I am really looking forward to it!


See you soon.